Koalas (Infant) 1-2 year olds

The Koala Room, designed for children ages 1-2 years, offers a caring and nurturing environment that provides stimulating, hands-on, and practical activities to foster independence and social engagement. This thoughtfully prepared environment builds the foundations for future learning by encouraging independence, self-control, and concentration. It also nurtures curiosity and self-discovery through freedom of movement. Sensorial learning is a key element of this program, where children learn through hands-on activities and practical life experiences driven by their intrinsic need to explore and interact with the world around them.

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Key Components of the Toddler Program:

Independence and Self-Control

Self-Care Skills:
Children are encouraged to practice self-care tasks such as dressing, washing hands, and feeding themselves. These activities promote independence and self-reliance.

The environment allows children to make choices about their activities, fostering decision-making skills and a sense of autonomy.

Routine and Consistency:
A consistent daily routine helps children develop self-control and understand the concept of time, which aids in transitions between activities.

Concentration and Focus

Structured Activities:
The program includes structured activities that require children to focus and concentrate, such as puzzles, sorting games, and building blocks.

Quiet Areas:
There are designated quiet areas where children can engage in solitary activities that require concentration, such as looking at books or playing with sensory materials.

Extended Periods of Play:
Children are given extended periods of uninterrupted play to delve deeply into activities, enhancing their ability to concentrate.

Freedom of Movement

Safe Exploration:
The environment is designed to be safe for free movement, allowing children to explore different areas and activities at their own pace.

Gross Motor Development:
Activities that promote climbing, running, and balancing help develop gross motor skills and physical confidence.

Outdoor Play:
Outdoor areas provide additional space for movement and exploration, offering different textures and natural elements for sensory experiences.

Sensorial Learning

Hands-On Activities:
Children engage in activities that stimulate their senses, such as touching different textures, smelling various scents, and exploring objects of different shapes and sizes.

Practical Life Experiences:
Activities like pouring, scooping, and sweeping are integrated into the daily routine, helping children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Art and Creativity:
Sensory art activities, such as painting with different textures and materials, help children express themselves and enhance their sensory experiences.

The Nurturing Environment

The Koala Room’s environment is carefully prepared to support the holistic development of young children. Key aspects include:

Safety and Comfort:
The space is designed to be safe and comfortable, with child-sized furniture and easily accessible materials.

Engaging Materials:
A variety of engaging materials are provided to stimulate learning and exploration.

Responsive Care:
Caregivers are responsive to the individual needs and interests of each child, providing personalized attention and support.

Cultural Sensitivity:
The environment reflects a diversity of cultures and languages, promoting inclusivity and respect for different backgrounds.

By focusing on these key components, the Koala Room supports children in developing the foundational skills necessary for future learning and success. The program fosters a love of learning, independence, and social skills, preparing children for the next stages of their developmental journey.