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Your child’s early years are crucial. That’s because this is when rapid brain development takes place. To fully take advantage of this and help your child build a solid foundation and get a great start in life, it matters to choose an appropriate educational approach and a supportive early learning centre. 

Childcare Putney

Here at Monash Early Learning Centre, we support children in their exciting journey. We do this by giving them freedom in their learning and exploration by facilitating self-directed activities. In this approach, children can make creative choices which can further exercise their sense of initiative and independence. 

This is called the Montessori approach to learning, which provide several benefits to children such as helping them: 

  • Develop independence 
  • Build confidence 
  • Develop a passion and joy for learning 

Children can further develop a passion for learning because of the freedom in self-directed activities. They have a safe space for them to explore and make mistakes on their own. They also get to learn more about cause-effect relationships because the freedom will allow them to try several different things with their environment and the objects around them. 

Emphasising health and nutrition

Aside from participating in self-directed activities, getting proper nutrition is also crucial in helping children with their everyday learning and rapid development. 

Here at Monash Early Learning Centre, we have a qualified cook that regularly prepares nutritionally balanced meals. These meals are tasty and appealing to children. Our daily menu includes breakfast, morning tea, cooked lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack which consist of fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains and proteins. 

In addition, children are allowed to participate in food preparation. This instils independence because they get to prepare their own meals. This also helps them further develop their fine motor skills. 

Your child will have a great start

With the right and individualised approach, your child can have an amazing start in life. Your child will also be able to build a solid foundation and momentum for their early years and school preparation. With this, a brighter future is more certain and that your child can better navigate the challenges ahead. 


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