Montessori Childcare North Ryde

A great start in life can help your child secure a bright future. This can also make your child’s life more fun because your child can better get along with others and navigate the real world. 

Montessori Childcare North Ryde

To make this possible, one way is by choosing an appropriate educational approach or curriculum for your child. For example, if you want your child to develop a passion for learning, initiative and independence, you can choose the Montessori education as a way for your child to develop those traits. 

Here at Monash Early Learning Centre, we emphasise the Montessori approach to learning to help children get a great start in life. With this approach, children can build independence which can benefit them in their early years and beyond. 

What is the Montessori approach to learning?

In this curriculum, the emphasis is on self-directed activity. This means children have freedom with their movement, interaction and exploration. This allows children to make creative choices, which further exercises their decision-making, problem-solving and overall cognitive skills. 

There are several benefits to the Montessori curriculum, such as: 

  • Emphasising individual–paced learning (children learn and develop at different rates) 
  • Fostering independence 
  • Promoting empathy and a passion for social justice 
  • Developing a joy for continuous learning 

You can notice that the approach doesn’t put any pressure on children. That’s because this supports how each child develops at a different pace. 

Our age-appropriate programs

We have age-appropriate programs that follow the Montessori National Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework: 

  • Nido program (0 to 1 year). Emphasis on language, fine and gross motor, social and emotional regulation skills. 
  • Infant program (1 to 2 years). Sensory play and learning can provide adequate stimulation to children. 
  • Toddlers program (2 to 3 years). Learning goals emphasise independence, confidence and social skills. 
  • Casa program (3 to 5 years). Children appreciate and learn more about their choices, sense of belonging and place in the community. 

Helping your child get a great start

With our effective approach and individualised and fun learning experiences, children can get a great start as they build a solid foundation in their physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills. With this solid foundation as well as a good momentum, children can receive immense benefits for years to come. 

If you want your child to gain a solid momentum and foundation, choose Monash Early Learning Centre. Our educational approach and individualised attention to children can help them get a great start in life.  


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