Childcare Drummoyne

Children in their early years undergo rapid brain development. Those early years are crucial in helping them prepare for big school as well as build a solid foundation that can benefit them for decades to come. 

Montessori Childcare Drummoyne

One way to help children build a solid foundation is by giving them enough freedom to learn and explore. With this freedom and self-directed activity, children can better practice their initiative and independence. This can also help them develop a joy for learning because they can make their own creative choices. 

This is what’s called the Montessori approach to learning. Here, the emphasis is on individual-paced learning and fostering independence. Because of this independence, children are further encouraged to enjoy their education. 

Our role here at Monash Early Learning Centre is allowing children to build their independence in learning. What we do is we create a supportive and nurturing environment where your child can feel safe and interested to learn and explore. 

We will take the time to observe your child. Based on our observations, we can design an individualised learning plan so that your child can further take advantage of his or her unique strengths. With this approach, your child can truly learn at his or her own pace (which can surprise you in many ways). 

Our programs for healthy child development

We have age-appropriate programs that follow the Montessori National Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework: 

  • Nido program (0 to 1 year). Emphasis on language, fine and gross motor, social and emotional regulation skills.
  • Infant program (1 to 2 years). Sensory play and learning can provide adequate stimulation to children.
  • Toddlers program (2 to 3 years). Learning goals emphasise independence, confidence and social skills.
  • Casa program (3 to 5 years). Children appreciate and learn more about their choices, sense of belonging and place in the community.

Our programs have been carefully designed by an experienced educational team who always takes a warm, friendly and supportive approach. Our team continues to monitor each child’s progress so that the individualised learning plan can be continuously adjusted. This helps children better get into a healthy pace of development. 

Getting a great start

Every child deserves a great start in life. A great start can build a solid momentum that can fuel your child’s passion for learning. This can also help your child have a more fun learning experience in his or her early and later years. 


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